Aqua training

Water training borrows elements from different forms of exercise such as weight training, pilates, kundalini and yin yoga. The session begins and ends with flex (stretching) and conscious breathing. The session also includes circuit training, strength training and water games. The music has been carefully selected to suit the different parts of the exercise. Creative Carina Nibér, who teaches the classes, has experience in several different water sports and forms of exercise. She has previously led Aqua training in Bali.

Aqua Flex is a pleasureble water exercise at a calm, meditative pace. The focus is on flexibility, balance and mobility. We use yoga and Pilates-inspired exercises as well as light strength exercises. Mainly suitable for 65 + but open to anyone over the age of 14. Music: yoga music with harp and birds chirping.

Aqua Styrka is an intense and pleasureable aquatic workout for adults who are used to training. The session includes aerobic exercise, strength training with water equipment and circuit training with any easy or difficult exercise. From 18 years and older. Music: Motown/disco hits and closing with yoga music.

Bookings can be made at or 0414 70075.