Cookie Policy

What are “cookies”?

Kiviks Hotell uses digital tracking technologies to collect information about how visitors move and interact on our websites. This is to measure how well the website works. In order to be able to recognize a visitor during the visit, and on repeat visits, our websites leave a “cookie” file in the visitor’s browser. Cookies identify a particular browser or device. By using cookies, Kiviks Hotell can distinguish visitors and treat them individually.

Why does Kiviks Hotell use cookies?

The visited website generates anonymized data that Kiviks Hotell uses to improve its website. When we use cookies in this way, we do not collect or process personal data. Instead, we use aggregated statistics to make better decisions. More specifically, the anonymized data describes the general activity and performance of the website. The anonymized data we collect includes:
  • Browser and device information.
  • Geographical information, limited to city/community.
  • Users’ behavior on our websites, such as the time from the referring page to the landing page and from there to the exit page, whether certain pages were scrolled and if so how far down, whether videos were shown and for how long, which links were clicked.
  • Public company information.

From this anonymized data, we can measure the popularity of our material and determine the direction in which we should develop our website. The anonymous data is not shared with any third party except for subcontractors who place and manage cookies, including Google Analytics. Anonymous data is processed in accordance with the security and privacy requirements of current legislation.

Personal data

With the visitor’s permission, we can link the visitor’s email address and activities. With that support, Kiviks Hotell can use personal data to record what a visitor does during the visit. The information is used to show visitors more relevant content on our websites. The personal data we use in this way includes, for instance:
  • E-mail address, name and company.
  • Some company information.

Personal data is not shared with third parties except for subcontractors who place and manage cookies. All processing of personal data is subject to the security and integrity requirements of the applicable data protection legislation.

How can I avoid cookies?

I do not want to be exposed to cookies that process anonymized statistics.
You can block cookies by using your browser settings. Here are links to information on how to do this in some of the most common browsers:
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox