Jazz evening

Jazz evening has long been a tradition for us on the 5/1,
and now it´s time again!

Ekvall Morina Trio plays melodic and easy to listen to jazz.
A festive 2-course menu is served at 6 pm. The music starts at 7.30 pm.

Price: 2-course menu and entry 749 SEK/person

Special price on overnight stay from 700 SEK/person including breakfast!
This evening we will not offer our regular packages.

2-course menu

cauliflower pâté, green tomato, vinegar, dill
steamed cod, black salsify, parsley, foamy butter sauce

Add a dessert (155 SEK)
blueberries, meringue, creme fraiche, lemon balm

The music

Ekvall Morina trio plays melodic and easy to listen to jazz. The repertoire comes not only from “The American songbook”, but also from the French equivalent, as two of the trio’s idols are Django Reinhardt and Sidney Bechet.

Håkan Ekvall, saxophones and clarinet. Håkan is a musician who has played in a wide range of genres. Played with Gunhild Carling for many years. Most of his music practice now takes place in Denmark, even though he doesn’t understand what they say there.

Erkand ‘Kandi’ Morina, guitar. Former big rock hero from Kosovo who is also very good at jazz, especially so called gypsy jazz, which he does his best to promote in Skåne and the Copenhagen area. The great diplomat of the band.

Julius Ekvall (double bass) is a recent graduate of the jazz program at the Malmö Academy of Music. Julius is a sought-after musician in both old jazz and the mainstream, and with the group “The Red Thread” has recorded an album of original music from all members of the quartet.

Book at
info@kivikshotell.se or 0414-700 75