Kundalini yoga under the weeping beech

Kundalini yoga with guided meditation-gold pot.

We sit on chairs under the magic weeping beech and perform exercises with arms, shoulders and neck as well as breathing exercises. The session ends with the Golden Pitcher meditation inspired by kundalini yoga guru Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa. The workout is designed to strengthen the back, arms and thyroid. Meditation is meant to promote health and strengthen your inner peace. Tea is available before and after the session.
The session is led by our Aquainstructor Carina Nibér. No prior knowledge is needed.

Wear warm clothes and bring a pillow if you have a sensitive back.
The weeping beech provides natural roof protection during light rain.

June 9 and July 7 at 09.00
Price 80 min, 150 kr/person, incl. tea

Bookings can be made at info@kivikshotell.se or 0414 70075.