Natural tranquillity

Every day, all year round, nature offers a spectacle outside the hotel. The view calms and heals stressed souls. Provides new energy and new perspectives. The sun’s rays reflect the deep blue hues of the sea, which change daily. When you check in with us, you’re checking in to silence.

Come here and breathe in the lovely apple blossom in spring, swim from the pier and sip drinks in summer. Visit us when the colors of autumn appear and all the apples ripen for harvest. The apple market that takes place on the last weekend of September is well worth a visit. But you can also enjoy all the flavors of autumn in our restaurant.

And don’t miss out on experiencing Ă–sterlen in its winter splendor, when the frost covers our garden and beaches in a fabulous glitter. Celebrate Christmas and New Year with good local food, with an extra touch of luxury. Paradise is at Kivik all year round. And you are always welcome.