Scrub and peeling

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Pevonia Silky Peeling

Pevonia Silky Peeling is a body peeling that gives a silky feeling with the application of subsequent body oil. First, you are exfoliated with a Silky Peeling on your body. Then there is a shower followed by the application of Dry Oil Body Moisturizer which is a wonderfully scented body oil that is very light and “dry” and is quickly absorbed by the skin. The treatment helps to remove impurities and unevenness in/on the skin. Stimulates blood circulation and leaves the skin feeling wonderfully soft and comfortable.
Time 50 min. Price: 990 SEK

Apple Dream Scrub

The whole body is exfoliated with our softening Apple Dream scrub that removes dead skin cells and increases circulation. The scrub includes Epsom salt, which is known to help sore and stiff joints and muscles.
After a shower, our own body oil with the same lovely fresh apple blossom scent is applied.
Time 50 min. Price 990 SEK

Back treatment

This is a back treatment where we start by scrubbing your back and shoulders with a scrub that removes dead skin cells and unevenness on the back where it is often difficult to access yourself. The scrub also has a massage effect and circulation-enhancing action. Once the scrub is removed, you get a nice and relaxing massage of the back, shoulders, neck and scalp! Wonderful!
Time: 30 min. Price: 550 SEK

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