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Pevonia Desert Heat

In this delightful body treatment, you will first be exfoliated with Pevonia’s Silky Peeling. You’ll then take a shower, followed by a wrap in Pevonia Desert Heat warming clay from the Arizona desert. While you’re wrapped, you’ll get a nice scalp massage. Then a shower and application of Pevonia’s silky body oil. The peeling helps to remove impurities and unevenness in/on the skin. Stimulates blood circulation and leaves the skin feeling wonderfully soft and comfortable. Desert Heat clay is good for stiff joints and fatigue. Adds minerals, softens, balances and evens out the skin.
Time: 80 min. Price: 1,390 SEK

Our luxury treatment

A nice moment for just you, or a nice gift for someone you love! A wonderfully relaxing full body massage with warm aroma oil – then you are wrapped up and given a facial cleansing and mask followed by a facial and head massage.
Time: 70 min. Price: 1290 SEK

The treatment for him

A refreshing treatment that starts with a purifying salt scrub. After a shower, you get a massage with a warm oil focusing on your back, shoulders, neck and legs or maybe you prefer a face mask followed by a relaxing face and head massage?
Time: 60 min. Price: 1190 SEK

In Times of Waiting

For pregnant women. A hot oil massage focusing on the legs, feet, arms, hands and d├ęcolletage. This is followed by a facial cleansing, mask and a gentle face and head massage.
Time: 50 min. Price: 990 SEK

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We use natural cosmetics and beautiful natural oils and fragrances – as organic as possible!