Kundalini yoga under the weeping beech

Kundalini yoga with guided meditation-gold pot. We sit on chairs under the magic weeping beech and perform exercises with arms, shoulders and neck as well as breathing exercises. The session ends with the Golden Pitcher meditation inspired by kundalini yoga guru Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa. The workout is designed to strengthen the back, arms and thyroid. […]

Troubadour evening with Håsebandet

Håsebandet is a cover duo from Degeberga/Tollarp in eastern Skåne consisting of Tobbe and Palle! With long experience from various bands in the back, they started in 2011 and have since played around southern Sweden!They play good songs from a wide repertoire that we adapt to the audience we have for the evening. From dance […]

Garden tour

Our garden is our heart, inspired by the Italian Neo-Renaissance.An oasis of peace and harmony for visiting guests. Roses are a large part of the garden, no less than 300 plants of 30 different species coexist with the other approximately 3000 such as boxwood, wisteria, climbing hydrangea, ivy and lavender. Our majestic weeping beech is […]


The Aquatraining at Kiviks Hotell is a modern form of water exercise and borrows elements from various forms of exercise such as strength training, pilates, kundalini and yin yoga. The session always starts and ends with flex/stretching and conscious breathing. The music has been carefully selected to suit the different parts of the exercise. Creative […]


Whether you just want to run on the treadmill for half an hour before breakfast, or if you want to give your whole body a good workout, you are welcome to our gym. In addition to two treadmills, there are enough machines and equipment to give your muscles the daily challenges they are used to. […]

Treatment of the month

Pevonia Hydraglow Treatment of the month – Pevonia Hydraglow – Facial treatment Can give the skin a smoother surface, minimized wrinkles and lines, reduced pigmentation as well as moisture and a radiant glow. Cleansing, peeling with mild lactic acid, massage, mask, eyegel and face cream. Massage arms and hands.Single treatment or as a cure.Price: 60 […]

Oyster bar

Oyster bar – The perfect After WorkLast Friday of the month. Great prices! Do you love oysters? Never tasted?In our beautiful glass lounge with miles of sea views, we pop the cork on a crisp Champagne which is the obvious drink to accompany these, the delights of the sea.Welcome to us for a delicious, sensual, […]

Saturday lunch is back!

Once again, we welcome all our dear regulars as well as new curious ones who want to enjoy a flavorful Saturday lunch with an unbeatable view.

Family spa

The whole family is welcome to enjoy our relaxing Spa, which now also has a pool! (From 6 years, treatments from 8 years)Dates: 26/5Time 2.00 pm – 5.00 pmCoffee/Hot Chocolate and buns with cheese and marmelade is served on all dates between 1.30 pm – 2.00 pm. Children 6-13 years old 195 SEK. Adults from […]